Your windshield does more than provide a view of the road ahead, it also protects you and your loved ones in the event of an accident. Your windshield keeps you in the car in the event of a roll over accident, protects you from flying debris, and provides resistance for the deployment of the passenger-side airbag.

The structural integrity of your vehicle's windshield MUST be maintained in order for the glass to keep you safe. Small cracks and chips will greatly reduce the performance of your windshield as a safety device if left untreated. For this reason, the technicians at Auto Glass Unlimited are trained in the proper preparation and installation of windshields for every year, make, and model of car, truck, and SUV.
Auto Glass Unlimited uses top quality Sika Brand products on all our glass installations. This urethane is a cold applied urethane and has a manufactured safe drive away time of two hours. This is a high end urethane that most glass companies do not use due to it's high cost, but we believe in a job done right the first time!

The Top Five Points of Windshield Safety
1. Your windshield keeps passengers in the vehicle during a rollover accident
2. Your windshield provides resistance for the deployment of the passenger-side  air bag
3. Your windshield provides structural support to the passenger compartment
4. Your windshield protects against flying debris
5. We use quality materials when replacing your glass to ensure you and your families safety.

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